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Whether you're gearing up for Halloween, a cosplay night, or a regular day, black contacts add an air of mystery and glamour to your style. Nearsighted sufferers don't fret. EYESFAV's black out contacts come with prescriptions, so you can enjoy both style and clear vision.

Elevate your look and steal the spotlight with our black contact lenses!

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Finding a pair of Colored Contact Lenses that suit you and fit within your budget is no easy task.

That's why we are committed to providing professional and reasonably priced products that allow you to effortlessly change eye colors according to your preferences.

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FAQS: Black Contacts Lenses

What are black contacts lenses?

Black contact lenses are specially designed with various shades of black to enhance your appearance with a unique allure each time they are worn. Similar to regular contact lenses in most respects, they offer additional features tailored to enhance both aesthetic appeal and visual clarity, irrespective of your eye condition. Engineered for a secure fit, they ensure stability during various activities, providing peace of mind against accidental displacement. The tinted black hue effectively filters excessive sunlight, optimizing comfort during bright days. These lenses seamlessly integrate with your iris, enhancing your natural beauty. Coordinate them with your attire or accessories for a standout look that complements your personal style.

Are black contacts lenses safe to wear?

Black contact lenses are generally considered safe to wear after undergoing rigorous testing before being sold on the market. However, the safety largely depends on how well you care for them. Regular cleaning is crucial to prevent bacterial buildup, which can lead to eye infections. It's recommended to clean lenses with antibacterial soap and rinse them with a suitable cleaning solution, avoiding tap water as it lacks the necessary elements to kill bacteria. Avoid using oily soaps as they can leave residue on the lenses. Additionally, maintain proper hygiene of your contact lens case, storing it in a cool, dry place away from moisture. It's important to adhere to the expiration date of the lenses, as using them beyond this point can pose risks to your eye health. Regularly replacing contact lenses, ideally every three months, is also essential for maintaining eye safety.

Where can i buy black contact lenses?

If you're looking to purchase black contact lenses, you'll discover a range of options available across different outlets. Both physical optical stores and online retailers, such as, offer these lenses. While visiting a store allows you to examine the lenses firsthand, online shopping provides convenience and a broader assortment. It's essential to research the quality and authenticity of lenses when buying online. Trusted websites like provide a wide selection of black contact lenses, ensuring secure transactions for your peace of mind.

Can you see through black contact lenses?

Certainly! Black contact lenses allow for vision through a clear central area designed for the pupil. While you can see normally with them, peripheral vision might be somewhat limited. Therefore, it's advisable to wear them in safe settings and refrain from activities such as driving while wearing them. This ensures your safety and comfort while using black contact lenses.

Why wear black contacts lenses at halloween?

If you're aiming to thrill, frighten, and astonish, black contact lenses are your perfect accessory. They guarantee all eyes will be on you as you unveil your chilling new look! With their ability to create a truly spine-chilling effect, black lenses ensure you'll even startle yourself when catching your reflection. Whether you're transforming into a vampire or embracing a demonic persona, our selection of black lenses promises to elevate your costume to new heights of eerie perfection. Let your creativity run wild this spooky season with black contact lenses, making sure your Halloween is filled with unforgettable scares and surprises.

Who can wear black contact lenses?

Black contact lenses are ideal for those looking to make a striking impression or add flair to their ensemble. They are suitable for individuals with various eye colors, enhancing both light and dark shades. Whether for cosplay, Halloween festivities, or themed gatherings, black contacts offer a dramatic transformation that complements a wide range of occasions.

How much are black contact lenses?

The price of black contact lenses varies depending on where you buy them and the particular style you prefer. Generally, these lenses can range in price from $9 to $90, though there are exceptions that may exceed this range. Custom lenses usually cost more due to the added customization process. Additionally, special effect lenses may be priced higher to cover the increased production costs involved in creating unique designs.

Will black halloween contact lenses be suitable for all eye colors?

Black Halloween contact lenses are designed to provide excellent coverage regardless of your eye color. Whether your eyes are pale blue, green, or brown, blackout lenses effectively mask your natural eye color due to their opaque and dark tint. This ensures that regardless of the specific pair you choose, you'll achieve the desired dramatic effect without concern for your underlying eye color showing through.

How long can i wear black contact lenses?

The duration for which you can wear black contact lenses depends on their type. Disposable black contacts should only be worn within the specified timeframe indicated on the manufacturer's packaging, typically ranging from one day to a month. It's crucial to adhere strictly to the wear guidelines provided to maintain optimal eye health.

Will black contact lenses affect my vision?

Black contact lenses, particularly those that cover the entire iris or sclera, may slightly affect your visual perception of light and colors due to their specific design. Additionally, they might cause a minor reduction in peripheral vision. It's advisable to wear them in environments that you are familiar with and where safety is ensured.