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Green eyes are indeed rare, found in only 2% of the global population. If you desire the captivating charm of green eyes, our Green Colored Contact Lenses are the perfect choice. We offer both prescription and non-prescription options to suit your needs.

With our Green Colored Contact Lenses, you can effortlessly redefine your gaze and experience the allure of green eyes. Whether you want to enhance your everyday look or create a stunning effect for Halloween or cosplay costumes, our lenses are versatile and suitable for various occasions. 

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Finding a pair of Colored Contact Lenses that suit you and fit within your budget is no easy task.

That's why we are committed to providing professional and reasonably priced products that allow you to effortlessly change eye colors according to your preferences.

With us, you can embrace the power of transformation without breaking a sweat.

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FAQS: Green Contacts Lenses

What are green colored contacts?

Green-colored contacts, similar to other types of contact lenses, are used to correct various vision issues such as farsightedness and myopia. These lenses are available in different designs to address specific eye problems. Often, opticians recommend contact lenses over glasses due to their superior effectiveness and comfort. Green-colored lenses are crafted to mimic the natural appearance of the eye, seamlessly integrating with your eye color. Moreover, these lenses are designed to fit your eyes perfectly, providing comfort regardless of the surrounding conditions or weather.

Which green colored contact lenses are best for dark brown eyes?

No matter which green hue you prefer, EYESFAV lenses are crafted to completely change dark brown eyes into stunning shades of green. For a more subtle change, consider earthy green tones like 【Prescription】Illusion Green or Moonbeam Neutral Vibes Green. If you desire a brighter green to cover your dark brown eyes, our popular Genshin Impact Barbatos Green color lens is an excellent choice.

Are green contact lenses suitable for brown eyes?

Green contact lenses can beautifully complement and enhance the depth of natural brown eyes, providing a subtle yet striking transformation. Our collection features a range of green shades, from captivating emerald to rich olive, all designed to create a mesmerizing blend of colors. Whether you want to add a hint of mystery to your daily appearance or make a dazzling impression on special occasions, our green contacts are an excellent choice for brown eyes. Embrace green contacts, and you'll radiate like never before!

Are green contact lenses suitable for dark eyes?

Green contact lenses are an excellent option for dark eyes, effectively transforming them into beautiful shades of green. Our lenses offer exceptional color opacity, completely covering the iris and ensuring a natural look that makes it difficult for others to tell you're wearing colored contacts. Whether you want a subtle change or a striking new look, green lenses are a fantastic choice for dark eyes.

Which green colored contact lenses are best for dark eyes?

Finding green contact lenses that can fully transform natural dark eyes can be challenging, but we have the ideal options for you! For a wearable and natural-looking green that makes your eyes sparkle, consider our 【Prescription】Meta Green Lenses. If you prefer a lighter shade, try our 【Prescription】Illusion Green or Moonbeam Neutral Vibes Green Lenses. We offer various reusable options, including 1-month, 3-month, and even 1-year lenses, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your budget and lifestyle.

Are green contacts suitable for all eye colors?

Green contacts can be suitable for various eye colors, though they typically have a more noticeable effect on lighter eyes. The resulting color can vary based on the shade and opacity of the lenses.

Which dark green colored contact lenses are popular?

Some of our most popular dark green colored contact lenses are Genshin Impact Barbatos Green, Demon Slayer Mitsuri Kanroji Green, 【Prescription】Meta Green, and 【Prescription】New Moon Green. We have an impressive collection of dark green lenses available in various styles and replacement cycles to suit your needs.

Which light green colored contacts are popular?

Among our most popular light green colored contacts are 【Prescription】Illusion Green and Moonbeam Neutral Vibes Green. Whether you want vibrant bright green eyes or a subtle lightening of your current eye color, we offer a fantastic selection at to suit all preferences.

Can i wear green contact lenses if i have prescription needs?

Yes, we offer prescription green contact lenses designed for those who require vision correction.

Is a green colored contact safe to wear?

Yes, green colored contacts are generally considered safe by most opticians, as they are crafted to minimize the risk of eye infections or diseases. These lenses are designed to be worn on any occasion and in any weather, providing both beauty and safety. Made from porous materials, they allow for proper airflow to the eyes, further reducing the risk of infection. Overall, green contact lenses are manufactured to ensure a fashionable look while prioritizing your eye health.

How to get green eyes?

To achieve green eyes, green-colored contact lenses are your best option for a natural look. There are various shades of green available to perfectly complement your eyes, enhancing your attractiveness. Dark green lenses, in particular, are favored by many for their bold and captivating appearance, transforming your eyes into stunning pools of deep green beauty. Additionally, dark green lenses provide practicality by filtering out excessive light, ideal for bright sunny days. Another appealing choice is green emerald contacts, which, while not as vividly green, offer a captivating blend with your natural eye color, enhancing your allure with a touch of mystique.

How much are green color lenses?

The pricing of green colored contact lenses can fluctuate based on where you make your purchase and the specific design you're interested in. Typically, the cost of these lenses ranges from $9 to $90, with some exceptions falling outside of this range. Customized lenses may come with a slightly higher price tag due to the additional labor involved. Moreover, special effects lenses may be priced higher than standard ones, reflecting the increased manufacturing expenses.

Where to buy green contacts?

You can find green contact lenses for sale on a variety of platforms, including optical shops and online retailers like While physical stores offer the advantage of seeing the lenses in person, online shopping provides convenience and a wider selection. When purchasing online, it's crucial to thoroughly research the quality of the lenses and ensure the legitimacy of the seller. By shopping through reputable websites like, you can access a diverse range of green contact lenses and make secure transactions from the comfort of your home.

What are the most natural green colored contacts?

Our natural green colored contacts are among our top sellers, and it's easy to see why. With only 2% of the global population naturally possessing green eyes, these lenses offer a rare and captivating look. From earthy olive tones to vibrant greens that enhance your eye's natural beauty, our collection spans various shades to suit your preferences. Explore our diverse range, which includes different limbal rings and replacement cycles, ensuring you find the most suitable green lens for your needs. Whatever shade of green you seek, you're sure to find the perfect match within our impressive lineup of green colored contacts.