Collection: Colored Contacts for Dark Eyes

There are about 79% of people in the world who have dark brown eyes, finding the perfect color contacts may not be easy, but don't worry! You have plenty of options to explore.

Let your dark brown eyes serve as a captivating canvas for creativity as you explore the world of colored contacts. Choose from our collection designed to enhance their allure. Step outside your comfort zone and let colored lenses transform your look. Your captivating dark brown eyes will mesmerize with the right contacts. Remember, your dark brown eyes are already captivating, and with the right color contacts, they can truly mesmerize those around you.

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FAQs & Contacts for Dark Eyes

To dark brown eyes, consider opting for cooler and lighter shades of colored contacts. Here are some popular choices:

Gray Contacts: Delivers a subtle and captivating effect on brown eyes.
Green Contacts: Provides an enchanting and mesmerizing allure when combined with brown eyes.
Hazel Contacts: Infuses a touch of mesmerizing green or golden hues, amplifying the allure of brown eyes and adding a youthful charm.
Blue Contacts: Creates a vibrant and captivating contrast, enhancing the beauty of brown eyes.

Colored contact lenses look very natural on brown eyes. By selecting the right diameter and base curve (BC) that suit you, as well as considering the occasion, you can seamlessly and comfortably enjoy wearing them.

If you're looking for a store ”near me“ that offers high-quality and cheap colored contacts for dark eyes, why not give EYESFAV a try? We have a range of series such as Norko, Meta, Iris, and more, which are perfect for dark eyes and fits you to choose different colors for various occasions. With shipments from U.S. warehouse, you can expect delivery within 6-15 days. It's undoubtedly a contact lens online shopping experience you won't regret.

Absolutely! At EYESFAV, we offer a wide range of prescription-colored contacts specifically designed for individuals with dark eyes. Some of our popular options include Meta Gray, Mirage Brown, and Iris Blue. You can select your preferred prescription from -1.00 to -8.00 diopters, depending on your updated eye prescription. Just refer to the lens measurements provided in the product details to find the perfect fit for you.

More Details: Prescription Contacts Lenses

Definitely! At EYESFAV, we offer a diverse selection of non-prescription colored contacts that are perfect for dark eyes. You can choose from a variety of colors and styles to enhance your eye color without the need for vision correction. Simply select the "0.00" option when purchasing your color contact lenses to ensure they are non-prescription.

Gray contacts are a great choice for dark brown eyes as they subtly enhance your overall look. Gray color complements all eye colors, and for brown eyes, it's recommended to opt for contacts with medium to high opacity. This ensures that the gray color stands out and beautifully transforms your eye color.

Green contacts can create a stunning and alluring look on dark brown eyes. The combination of green designs with hints of yellow or beige blends seamlessly, resulting in a natural and captivating appearance. These contacts especially enhance the center of the eye (the pupil), creating a mesmerizing effect.

For dark brown eyes, wearing light blue lenses can give a beautiful dark blue-brown effect. If you have lighter brown eyes, pairing them with bright blue contacts can result in a stunning sea-blue appearance. Light brown eyes can achieve a Taylor Swift-inspired look with baby blue contacts, especially when complemented by a classic red lip.

Blue contacts go wonderfully with brown eyes, creating a striking and captivating look. The final outcome depends on the natural color of your iris and the opacity of the contacts.

Green and blue color contact lenses will create a vibrant and warm effect when worn on dark brown eyes. Since dark brown is the most common natural eye color, our lenses are specifically designed to enhance and complement this eye shade. The result will be a bright and lively appearance with a warm undertone.

At EYESFAV, we do not define which colored contact lenses are suitable for men or women. Colored contact lenses do not have a gender attribute; they are about personal suitability. It is important to choose the right diameter, base curve (BC), and wear them correctly. They are suitable for both men and women.

No, contact lenses themselves do not directly cause dark circles under the eyes. However, improper lens wear or inadequate eye care practices can lead to eye strain, irritation, and dryness. These factors can contribute to the appearance of dark circles or bags under the eyes due to increased stress on the delicate skin around the eyes. By practicing good lens hygiene and following recommended wear guidelines, you can minimize the risk of these issues.

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