Euramerican Green Colored Contact Lenses

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Applicable to both light and dark eyes!

EYESFAV Euramerican Green Colored Contact Lenses offer a stunning blend of green and canary yellow tones, without any inner or outer ring. These lenses feature a delicate pattern that closely mimics the appearance of real human eyes.

Designed to provide a super natural look, these lenses are perfect for various occasions, whether it's for costumes or everyday wear. They allow you to effortlessly satisfy your curiosity and desire for light green eyes. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the enchanting transformation these contact lenses can bring to your look.

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  1. Moisturizing comfort: High moisture content for all-day wear.
  2. Smooth lens type: Rounded edges for a natural feel.
  3. Enhances eye color: Suitable for all eyes, enlarges appearance.
  4. Independent design and production for stable quality.
  5. Protein stain resistance: Soft and comfortable non-ionic material.
  6. UV Blocking: Protects against daily UV exposure for added eye safety.


    Material: HEMA
    Diameter: 14.0mm
    Lens BC: 8.60mm
    Water Content: 38%
    Replacement Cycle: 6 Months
    Power: 0.00 
    Plano Lenses: If you do not require correction, please select 0.00 power.

    To accommodate different prescriptions for each eye, please place separate orders for each eye. We are unable to open original packaging or mix prescriptions as per our policy. Thank you for your understanding.



    1. Images provided are for illustrative purposes.
    2. Different eye colors can produce varying effects when wearing these lenses.
    3. Transform your eye color with our fantastic soft contact lenses! Achieve the appearance of bigger, more captivating eyes.


      1 Pair * Color Contact Lenses


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      ❤️If you experience discomfort or a foreign body sensation while wearing the lenses, please check if you are using anti-reflective lenses or if they require cleaning with lens solution. If the issue persists, please reach out to our customer service team via or social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

      1. How do I choose colored contacts?

      Eye Color: Dark eyes can be enhanced with rich colors like blue, green, or hazel. Light eyes, on the other hand, look great with softer shades such as aqua or honey.

      Hair Color: Warm blondes and redheads can choose green, hazel, or light brown lenses to enhance their features. Browns and blacks are flattered by honey, green, or blue lenses.

      Apart from the factors mentioned earlier, there are additional considerations like the occasion, personal style, comfort, and prescription requirements when selecting colored contact lenses. To access a comprehensive guide that assists you in choosing the ideal colored contacts, we recommend visiting our blog: EYESFAV: Embracing Diversity in a Colorful World

      2. What is the main material of these contacts? Is it safe?

      We offer a wide range of colored contact lenses made from various high-quality materials. Our products have undergone rigorous testing and are approved by international certifications such as FDA, CE, Korea Food & Drug Administration (KFDA), and ISO 13485. You can find detailed information about our contact lenses and make a purchase by visiting our website at If you have any specific questions or need assistance, please feel free to reach out to us at Our team is ready to help you find the perfect colored contact lenses for your needs.

      3. Do your lenses come with prescription?

      Please consult your eye doctor to confirm the diopter counts before ordering. Some are available with prescription, please check here:
      Prescription Colored Contact Lenses - EYESFAV

      4. Do you offer contacts for hyperopia?

      We currently do not offer farsighted/plus power contact lenses, but our research and development team is actively working on developing solutions for hyperopia. Hyperopia is a common refractive error that affects near vision. We are committed to finding innovative ways to address this and expand our product offerings.

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      Before Wearing

      1. Soak non-daily disposable lenses in multi-purpose solution for 8 hours before first-time use.
      2. Wash and dry hands.
      3. Rinse lens with fresh solution.
      4. Check lens shape to ensure it's not inside out.

      How to Wear

      1. Clean your tools.
      2. Utilize tweezers to grasp the lens.
      3. Position the lens on the applicator.
      4. Insert the lens into your eye.

      How to Remove

      1. Confirm your hands are clean.
      2. Bring your index finger towards your eye.
      3. Carefully pinch the lens between your thumb and index finger and take it out.

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      Their enchanting lenses always mesmerize!

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      stylish & comfortable to wear


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      The actual color of the lenses may appear different from what is shown on the website due to various factors, such as lighting conditions, camera lens filters, surrounding colors, original eye color, eye shape, and makeup. These factors can affect how the lenses look when worn. Please understand that such variations in color should be acceptable.

       If you have any doubts about the lenses you received, please contact us within 24 hours of receiving them. Make sure to include a picture of the lenses so that we can assist you accordingly.

      1. Remove the lenses: Take out the lenses from your eyes and give your eyes a break from wearing them.

      2. Clean and disinfect the lenses: Soak the lenses in contact lens solution that is specifically designed for cleaning and disinfection. Leave them in the solution for at least 24 hours to ensure they are properly disinfected. Afterward, rinse the lenses with fresh solution before wearing them again.

      3. Check the lenses: Examine the lenses closely to ensure there are no tears, deposits, or foreign particles on them. If you notice any damage or debris, it's best to discard the lenses and use a new pair.

      4. Double-check the orientation: Before inserting the lenses, make sure you are holding them correctly with the right side up. Placing the lenses inside out can cause discomfort and irritation.

      5. Moisturize your eyes: If your eyes feel dry or irritated, you can use lubricating eye drops recommended by your eye care professional to provide relief.


      1. Clean and disinfect the lenses: Take the contact lens and place it on your palm. Apply a few drops of a suitable contact lens solution and gently rub the lenses in a circular motion to clean and disinfect them.

      2. Use fresh solution every time: Always use fresh contact lens solution when storing your lenses. Discard the solution from the lens case after each use and refill it with new solution.

      3. Regularly change the solution: If you don't wear your lenses frequently, make sure to change the solution in the lens case regularly, even if the lenses have not been used. This helps maintain the cleanliness and effectiveness of the solution.

      4. Rinse and gently scrub the lenses: To effectively prevent protein buildup, rinse and gently scrub your lenses every 2-3 days. This helps remove accumulated deposits and maintain clearer vision.

      5. Handle with care: Be cautious and keep your lenses away from sharp objects as they are delicate and can easily tear or get damaged. Handle them gently to avoid any potential harm.